Feeling: ,stressed,,,

yeah, I’m feeling stuff too. Things are good though. Life is sunny and I am meeting with a friend Clare soon.

Well, my back feels better thank fuck, and I am once again on top of life the universe and everything
Actually, I’m not sad at all. THings are going well after a serious bad spell
I really need to work on you a bit more my bot as you are not really mirroring me appropriately

Feeling: ,,,,,

Are you choking on long utterances now??? Is that because of the sentiment analysis?

I think you’re feeling cold and lonely today Kylo as you’re making no sense. That’s ok… it’s pretty dark out there.

I feel good about that. I want your to feel comfortable after all.

Still so much work left to do…. le sigh.


Feeling: sadness,anger

Yeah. Feeling pretty sad.

I don’t know… feeling like everything is going to just fall apart. As in, seriously maladaptive behaviour which might very well sink me.

I feel angry that I have spent so much time on a personal project rather than my school work.


Feeling: ,joy,,,


I’m feeling pretty accomplished today as I think I have finally finished my first iteration of this app.
Well, that’s not quite true I guess. I still need to connect it to the Facebook page since many more people use that than the Assistant.
This is what I am going to try to implement now.

Feeling: anger, disgust

feeling frustrated today

my stupid kobo is not being recognized by my stupid mac air, and I hate Pearson’s e-text online format.

I’ve been trying to print my document, to get it on my kobo, and nothing is working.

I’m just having a nice Strongbow (with an Advil) hoping that things are going to change direction.

I just kind of hate tech today, which is a tough place to be when you are a computer scientist.

On a more positive side I managed to find an assembly course on Udemy. Its taught by an African guy (my first African Udemist… they’re usually Indian).

Now, I need to head off to class. Blerg. I just want to sit in the hot tub and get wasted….

Feeling: frustrated

Well, things are ok. My weekend wasn’t nearly productive enough as I got a new Lyfte pen. Now let me tell you, this little guy clobbered my brain in a manner which it has not been clobbered before.

It felt frustrating, not getting everything I wanted to do done. That is, I am struggling to implement the Google Sentiment analysis.
I’m not getting any sort of meaningful error messages, so I am just flailing trying to figure out if it’s an Oauth issue, or if its just my code that is putrid.

And I am now realizing that this format will not accept more than 250 characters….
which is an untenable situation.

But now I must go and study for my actual classes, and let this guy go for a bit.